Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Greenpoint I Love You But I'm Moving to Red Hook

i found a lovely little ship-apartment in Red Hook, overlooking the park, beautiful rooftop, view of the Statue of Liberty, super-nice roommates, big kitchen, IKEA next door (for better or worse)
so i'm out of this lovely little nabe that ive really come to love and into a new one that i am so excited to become familiar with.

but all of that after a trip over the pond. one of the pilots likened the experience to Groundhog Day recently and i quite agree. i'm going to try to maintain variety though.....

more on saturday, returning and packing up and moving on.

then, i am going to plan a trip to someplace warm and sunny. puerto rico or cancun, 12 dollar hostel, close to the beach. might as well enjoy the privileges of flying!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

Red Hook Photos

Red Hook

Today i went to red hook to hang with lyndsea and shoot some pictures. it was a beautiful and cold day, and we had a great time. I really love the neighborhood, the waterfront, the grocery store, the run-down buildings, the little coffeeshop.
Therefore. My goal for the next month or two: get a place there... i want to find myself in red hook for the coming of warmer weather. I will do this.

I will also:
shoot at the 1964 worlds fair site, ellis island, brooklyn navy yard, staten island ship graveyards, any and everything else i might find along the way.

next month is going to be busy with flying so i need to focus on getting to these places on the off days, and looking for any and every available space in red hook.

so i guess these are resolutions, more of a plan of action....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Glam Deteriorates

New York I Love You But I'm Going to Miami

because I have this restless feeling for some reason, like I have to maintain this sort of momentum, the perpetual motion of departure and arrival, to observe and enjoy this place that seems simultaneously hostile and welcoming. i'm keeping you at a distance, new york, because I can't tell yet how I feel about you, because sometimes I feel like I'm coming home and sometimes I feel threatened....
I try to keep in mind that rush of warm feeling i get on the occasion that i have a jumpseat with a view descending into JFK and I see the city lights and i'm amazed to be where I am, doing what i'm doing...

"every great city is a Lourdes where you hope to throw off your crutches but meanwhile must stumble along on them, hobbling under the protection of the shrine."*

along these lines I'm experiencing this strange apprehension stemming from recent tragic events back home. it is somewhat paralyzing. I want to roam around in search of good photographs, but the isolated places i'd normally explore are frightening right now. it'll pass but for the moment i suppose i have a keener sense of human fragility and the reality that our world is a violent and chaotic place to exist.

so, i'm keeping the wheels in motion and stepping carefully around my new "home", hoping at some point that everything will fall into place and I will wake up someday and look out the window at that formidable skyline and say "this is where I belong." we'll see.

"when you travel your first discovery is that you do not exist."*

*elizabeth hardwick. thanks jessie!

Thursday, January 3, 2008