Friday, November 30, 2007

This Week in London

Aurore and Heather and I went into the city on Thursday. We went to Abbey Road Studio and walked across the crosswalk. We went to Bond Street and admired the lights, the crowd, the tiny cobblestone alleyways hidden between buildings. We had great fun! as you can see.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

all the photos here are from my trip home.... my family, my old house, my friend joe, banjo the cat, peanut the dog, etc....

Athens again

Athens etc.

Athens Trip

Monday, November 12, 2007

More photos from the other day.

I am greatly looking forward to doing a bit of roaming around the old hometown for a little while and taking some photos, after looking closely at gpoint for some time now. Forthcoming...Athens photos, hopefully alot from the wayside as i take the great american road trip back up here, then next flight i plan to photograph the cathedral at thaxted and hopefully the remains of an RAF airfield at Dunmow.
Until then, gentle readers, if you exist....

Poem I like....(thanks Jessie)

In This Sense, Beyond

Better to think, the descent before me is a strangers.
Its ache routing a body I do not know. Its nos
formed by lips never parted. Better to let
the mind feel the best it can and shatter
the heart, its recycling machinery.
Better to have all that gray matter act,
to have it call up coherence
out of some lobe in the left brain. Compassion again
sends my hand to the heat and sweat of this forehead,
again bends my torso over this torso, keeping it
nameless, refusing. For above all, I know to desire


Let the mouth be fitted to earth, concede gracefully,
the inevitable incorporating compelled. Disentangle
from all brooding, sidestep this wilderness preceding Amen.

-Claudia Rankine

The Best Lunge Ever

Sunday, November 11, 2007


These are from walking around Gpoint/williamsburg today. Yes, that IS an elephant in the Mccarren park pool. we also have the crazy L train dancing guy, the williamsburg bridge, the domino sugar factory, and some random graffiti. there you are.

more wanderings

Williamsburg Wanderings

British Invasion Halloween

So these are photos taken Halloween night with the crazy brits who invaded brooklyn for a few days... i'll even include the one that was taken UNBEKNOWNST to me after Zippy decided to leap the wall at Coco 66 and knock me down on the concrete. other than that small brush with death, we had a fun time.