Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I think flickr is gonna give me the axe

cause i've reached 200 photos. anyway.
i will post many here also... from strolls around brooklyn (Prospect park, park slope, red hook).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Idle time

without a camera is a shock experience all on its own. I gave the little camera i was using back to my neighbor, now i'm without... for a while. I went to look around for cameras yesterday, nothing fancy, perhaps just a step up from what I was using before. staying in the canon family, I found a great one, was sold out EVERYWHERE, so I ordered one online actually cheaper than retail prices. hopefully it will get here soon. I don't really want to travel anywhere without a camera, so i'll be sticking around the area for the next few days of the vacation (unless i can manage to pick up a trip).
for all its rough edges and dirty corners, this neighborhood is full of photographic opportunities.... i can't wait to get going with it!

i've been really enjoying this apartment, too.... there's a record player, the roommates have everything from charles mingus to elvis costello to recordings of ezra pound reading from the cantos.... so despite the lack of cable i'm loving listening to record after record, painting little by little in my room, making tea, befriending the cats.

jessie would freak out over their bookshelves, too. there's calvino, sebald, marquez, barthes, delillo, kundera etc....