Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Photos

are from training this past week....
the group photo is from our high tea experience at the Castle on the Hudson. That's my lovely training class!

The second two are of the selfdefense workshop on Saturday. Brett is a threatening passenger. We are restraining and handcuffing him. He will cause no more trouble on the flight. So much fun!

Training has been great and very busy/stressful. Hence not much blog writing.
The weekend was really fun though- went to a club in midtown and danced! Then today I went into the city by myself to explore. I love New York.

Training Photos

Friday, August 17, 2007

SO. Big Adventure has turned into even Bigger Adventure. Actually got the Real Job in New York and now am in classes everyday learning how to save your life if the plane falls into the ocean. Which it won't.
However, it's incredibly fun and challenging and interesting and the scariest thing about it is going to be the move to the city. I have No Idea where to live or how it might happen.

Tomorrow I go to Queens and explore some neighborhoods. Then I get to Study Like Crazy. Monday is Image Day and then Tuesday we will be visiting the airplane at JFK! I'm SO excited about this. More later.